What is Pul-e-Jawan?

Pul-e-Jawan is a regional youth, peace, security & social media initiative.

‘Pul-e-Jawan’ literally means “Bridges of Youth” in Dari, Urdu and Hindi. The aim of Pul-e-Jawan is to transform the conflict in South Asia by highlighting youth perspectives on common challenges and aspirations in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. Pul-e-Jawan provides a platform to discuss issues usually ignored in the debate about security, economy and society in the region. It aims to create a paradigm shift in the discussions about peace and reconciliation in our region by sharing success stories and bringing together the youth in online and offline spaces.

In Pakistan, this initiative is facilitated by Bytes for All, Pakistan with support from several different national and international organizations.


The security of Pakistan, India and Afghanistan is inextricably linked. Where there is dialogue between the people of these countries, it tends to be the elites or the usual voices from civil society. Those who might bring a fresh perspective to the issues are the amazing youth, whose voices are usually absent from the discourse. Unfortunately, the role of mainstream media has been minimal in helping solutions. Their coverage is limited to simple reporting, and in some unfortunate instances, it has fueled the intrigue and escalated mutual suspicion between the countries. New media technologies offer a huge opportunity for youth to link virtually, create new networks and change the discourse towards positive, more constructive outcomes.

Who are the participants?

Social media activists & young leaders from all over the country will participate in a Country Forum to be held in Islamabad and work together as a network, across the borders with other activists in Afghanistan, India and beyond. The main theme of this Country Forum is “Celebrating diversity – Social media connecting Pakistan & beyond!” The forum brings together the youth leaders, artists, photographers, musicians, media practitioners, geeks, policy researchers and activists. To kick start the initiative and seed the network in Pakistan, a 2-day face to face meeting of selected 30 participants is being held on 11-12 April, 2012 in Islamabad, Pakistan.

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